&Pizza is quickly becoming one of the Districts quickly rising juggernauts within the food scene. For my third major assignment I was given the task of producing a photo story that tells the process of an event using 5 photos so I thought what better option than to use this beautiful artistry? Enjoy



News Blog Example

For my first class assignment I was to Identify a particular news outlet (television, radio, blog or news website) and draw information from that example as a source of reference moving forward with this particular project. I selected none other than http://www.fox5dc.com because of its compelling edge on providing breaking news around the clock in a timely manner. It could be on social media, live television or on broadcast cable, fox news gets you the news when it happens as it happens. For example the website is updated almost every two hours or so. I’d like to emulate their sense of variety when it comes to publishing a story. You could find anything from hot trends around town to breaking murder stories almost fluidly. Given that it’s a news website they don’t particularly identify one specific person as the author of the website. It gives credit to the entire staff.

Welcome to Wonderland!

I created this blog for the sole purpose of satisfying a multimedia journalism course requirement. However, given my creative nature and my growing fondness of the art of blogging I’m more than certain this will be a more permanent situation for me nat the conclusion of this class. I would like to walk away from this class with a more comfortable understanding of the field of journalistic research and reporting on all media platforms. I know that’s more than a lot to expect out of a semester’s time but I feel as though it’s in my best interest to be prepared to break into the field of journalism at any moment on just about any platform given the new data age we live in. To be more specific I hope to learn how to

  • grab a reader’s attention in the first sentence of an entry or article
  • conduct thorough research
  • properly give an in-depth interview
  • properly prepare an article with the information I’ve collected from an interview