Lego’s official Women of NASA set goes on sale November 1st 2017




  Lego has done an amazing job maintaining their relevance since before my childhood. With their diverse partnerships and consistently expanding universe of opportunity they have discovered a way to remain in the hearts and minds of many children for years to come. Some of their partnerships include

  • Marvel
  • WWE
  • Disney
  • DC Comics
  • Star Wars
  • Angry Birds
  • Ghostbusters
  • Minecraft

These partnerships among others have helped cement Lego as one of the most powerful, popular and influential toy companies in the world.

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            A large part of what helps Lego stay at the top of the food chain is their willingness to adapt and diversify. Social media is a huge portion of that. With their social media diversification they have given their fans and consumers a voice and they take their thoughts and suggestions into consideration before launching a new product. They call it the Lego Ideas Fan-Sourced Creation Platform. Maia Weinstock made a suggestion on this platform that ultimately managed to get 10,000 votes enough to gain the attention of Lego’s creative team. Lego then moved forward  to create the 4 piece  Women of NASA package that includes Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jamison. (Katherine Johnson was excluded due to a lack of approval).

Personally I believe that Lego has consistently done amazing with cultural sensitivity and inclusion. Not only do they listen to their consumers but they clearly value their input and then make those with valuable or popular input creative partners and use their ideas to continue to bring children happiness worldwide. If something is to happen with their products that is taken negatively they tend to act quickly and effectively. I’m confident I’ll be purchasing LEGO products when its time for me to shop for my future family. Hopefully they can keep in their hearts and off the floor. 



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